Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flag of the Kingdom

After considering many a design, I, King George Henry I of Bir Tawil, have selected a flag to represent our kingdom in the international community.

Our national flag uses a combination of the Pan-African (Green, Gold, Red and Black) and Pan-Arab colors (Green, White, Black and Red) allowing for a design of great beauty and harmony, which also symbolizes our position vis-a-vis our common continent and neighbors. As the name of our country means "water well", the flag also includes a representation of this element, symbolic of the preciousness of water in our sandy and arid land.

I hereby decree the following:

- All public buildings in the Kingdom of Bir Tawil are required to fly the flag in a position of appropriate honor.

- All citizens of the Kingdom of Bir Tawil are to show proper respect for the flag.

Let it be known and recorded.

His Royal Majesty,
King George Henry I of Bir Tawil


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  2. I recognize the other flag, the one in white with the blue dot in the middle. It's like Japanese flag but with a blue dot.

  3. I prefer the other flag, described in the above post.

    By the way, what would the punishments be for not "showing proper respect for the flag", or not "flying the flag in a position of appropriate honor"? You should make sure they don't contradict your aim to make Bir Tawil a " glowing example of peace and justice in the world."