Sunday, May 9, 2010

Minutes of the meeting with the Council of Elders

As there have been no challenges to these minutes over the course of the past week, they hereby become official and public.

King George Henry I

On May 1st, 2010, the Council of Elders convened with King George Henry I of Bir
Tawil at the Palace of Aurora. The following transcendent decisions were taken:

- The Council of Elders is to be a transitional organ of government. Its
decisions are to be taken by means of simple majority in votes. It delegated
power of drafting the Constitution to King George Henry I, while reserving the
power to make suggestions. The suggestion period shall last two weeks, and the
King will have an additional week to put it all in order and submit a
Constitution. Approval and enactment of the Constitution is to be up to the
Council of Elders. This shall be carried out via a Yahoo Group created by the
King. In order to make electronic decisions more expedient, it will be assumed
that Council members vote in favor unless they explicitly state their disfavor
within a week.

- The Council of Elders reviewed all the Royal Decrees enacted by King George
Henry I up to that date, with the following results:
RD#1 (Foundation): Approved
RD#2 (Flag): Modifications were proposed to the flag. Water is to be added to
the well, and a goat shall be rendered, who will attempt to drink the water.
RD#3 (Citizens): Approved
RD#4 (Renumbering): Approved
RD#5 (Validity): Approved
RD#6 (Monarchy): Modifications were proposed. Monarch may be vacated for
dereliction of duty and moral incapacity. Successor may be named from without
the Royal Family, but incorporated into it via adoption. Mechanisms shall be
adopted should the Monarch and heir die simultaneously.

- A parallel entity is to be created, which shall deal with the production,
distribution and commercialization of Bir Tawilean merchandise and products:
stamps, certificates, documents, mugs, T-shirts, etc.

I request any ammendments to these minutes before they become official in a
week's time.

George Henry I of Bir Tawil